Also this year we are planning a FLINTA sailing trip on the Lovis. One week (arrival on 09.09.2023 from 18.00 and departure on 16.09.2023 14.00), probably from Simrishamn (Sweden) to Greifswald, sailing and enjaoying the wind and waves.

    Previous sailing experience is not required, because you will learn everything necessary on the trip. The total cost of the cruise with meals is from 310€ to 460€ according to self-assessment.

    All people who feel invited by a FLINTA sailing trip and are respectful of other identities are invited to this trip. We want everyone to feel comfortable, can. Please read the text below.

    The trip is self-organized. That means that we organize cooking and cleaning together. Likewise, all are invited to fill the trip with content. From guitar to kickboxing gloves to your favorite movie, you can bring and contribute everything.

    We want to create & live a space on the trip that feels as safe as possible for all who sail with us.

    This means:

    • It is important to us to have a mindful and collaborative interaction with each other on the ship. Sometimes we have to endure contradictions in the process.
    • If someone tells you that you have crossed a boundary, please accept that and try to reflect on it. Boundary crossings can look very different and sometimes you may not even realize that you have transgressed/hurt someone with your behavior or a statement. So if someone brings it to your attention, see it as an opportunity to learn.
    • Sensitivity to the state: many FLINTA*s experience state repression on different levels and for different reasons. This is not to be reproduced on the cruise! (Activism is also affected by (state) repression).
    • Keep in mind that we are all from different contexts and have different experiences.
    • Don’t question the identity of others: you can’t tell a person what gender they are or what pronouns they use.
    • We as an orga don’t know all the people who sign up & sail along, and we can’t and don’t want to do a background check or anything. So it may be that people are sailing with whom you might not actually spend a vacation.
    • You may have questions in advance. Please call or write us. Many things can be clarified in advance. We are looking forward to it.

    If you are interested, please write to: flti[ät]lovis[dot]de

    The Lovis-FLINTA-Trip Team


    As the name suggests, we want to sail with several generations: parents with their parents, aunts with their nieces, siblings with their children or people who want to come on board on their own and enjoy sailing together and intergenerational exchange. we would like to discuss, sail, tell stories, play games, walk along beaches, listen to the wind and have a wonderful time together aboard.

    The cost contribution for the trip is 310-460 EUR according to your own assessment, children come for 50% of the cost contribution (6-15 years, younger children according to self-assesment).
    We would be very happy if you could organise a journey that does not involve a flight.

    Concerning the contents we want to deal with the following topic: “1968 till now – emancipation, environmental movement, peace movement and now letzte Generation? Split into young and old? were are we ourselves in this? do we hope or do we give up? what do we do and what don’t we do?” all ideas and thoughts are welcome.

    Please send your registrations to stefan[ät]lovis[dot]de
    We are looking forward to an exciting trip with you!


    Together with you, we want to create a space for musical exchange and experimentation between musicians on the sea. In small and larger groups, you can jam, improvise, or give small concerts on board at any opportunity. In the cities we sail to, we want to use pedestrian zones and public places for making music together. In the evenings we could give concerts together at the harbor, e.g. with the Lovis as a stage. Nothing is necessary, everything is possible!

    Based on the experience of the previous tours, we want to use the common space more for the exchange of skills and experiences – be it musically, in terms of content, or in terms of stage presence/appearance etc.
    Already existing groups are as welcome as single musicians. Your music and instruments should be compatible to road and ship (i.e. rather mobile) and should not require major technical equipment. You should be able to play/improvise well with other musicians.

    Cost contribution incl. meals 310 to 460 € p.p. depending on self-assessment (Even 310 euros are too much for you? Please let us know in time, then it’s no problem. Then you can still come along! :-))

    If you feel addressed, write us a few lines about you and your music to Musik[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Sailing, dancing, making music

    Do you like to sail, dance, sing and make music? Then come join us!
    During the day we sail and make music, in the evening in the harbor we have plenty of space for dancing. For example, there can be a waltz workshop on board, Swedish dances to live music or improvisation dance. Many things are possible! Feel free to bring musical instruments.
    Previous experience is not necessary.

    Costs for these 9 days: 400 to 590 EUR according to self-assessment.

    For further questions and registration: silke[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Resistance at sea

    We set sail and sail around the Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland! Everybody defining as women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans or agender and all children are welcome to sail together on the Lovis from July 19-29. No matter if you already know all the knots and how to navigate in your sleep or if it’s your first time in the waves: There will be enough time on our trip to learn how to sail the Lovis from scratch. Everyone pitches in! During the 10 days you will have the opportunity to learn how to read charts, navigate, practice knots, steer or just lie on the deck and enjoy the sea.
    Besides the daily sailing routine, we want to dedicate ourselves to the topic of resistance at sea. The sea has always been a rebellious place. Free and enslaved people fought here against colonialism, climate activists stand up against the destruction of the ecosystem of the sea and migrants and sea rescuers resist the European border regime. In times of escalating crises, it is important to remain resistant and to strengthen ourselves together. We want to do this with different methods: storytelling, making zines, reading out texts, listening to podcasts on the topics, painting transpis, planning joint actions – all impulses that you bring with you are conceivable. The sailing area also gives us an interesting inspiration: after years of conflicts with Sweden and Finland, the Åland Islands have been an autonomous region since 1920. And: since 1921 the archipelago is demilitarized. What that means exactly, we will find out on the spot.
    So get on board with us!
    We would be very happy if you can organize a journey to and from the island that does not include a flight.
    Cost contribution incl. meals for adults is between 440-660€ according to self-assessment, children up to 15 years pay 50%. We are currently trying to find funding for some reduced cost places. We expect to know more in April or May. If the participation fee is a hurdle for you, please register anyway and we will try to find a solution.

    You can register here: annika[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Kind regards from the preparation crew
    Jule, Laura, Mia

    Through rough seas

    Through rough seas- Engagement in times of complex crises.
    Climate crisis, armed conflicts and wars, pandemic consequences at various levels: at present it is difficult not to lose hope for improvement, an end of the conflicts and peaceful coexistence on the planet. How do we manage to remain capable of action in the face of the current situation? What gives us hope and how can we strengthen our self-efficacy?
    On the 3-country-trip from 8.7.-18.7.2023, (arrival the evening before) which will take us from Liepaja (Latvia) via Estonia to Turku (Finland), we will do a lot of sailing, see and visit beautiful landscapes and islands, and have time to discuss and try out in practice issues, emotions and helpful strategies. People of all ages are welcome, however it is a trip that involves a lot of distance so we will be doing a lot of sailing, some of it overnight.
    We would be very happy if you could organise a journey that does not involve a flight. There are ferries to both, Latvia and Finland and maybe we can support you with some advices?
    Cost contribution incl. meals for adults is between 480-720€ according to self-assessment, children up to 15 years pay 50%

    Corinna and Stefan

    Painting, Drawing, Sailing

    On our trip we want to explore the connection between Sailing and Art. The movement of a sailing ship is influenced by wind, weather and waves and people on the sea have always drawn or documented what they saw. We want to be inspired by this and draw, paint and write creatively with you. This trip is a unique possibility to experience nature from a different perspective and embrace your creative side.
    We want to offer possibilities of mutual learning. If you want to share a skill, you’re welcome to. We’ll have a few materials on board. But we advise you bring your preferred creative tools or the ones you want to share with others.
    In the end we want to produce a logbook that summarizes the events at sea.

    We welcome all people. But we do not accept any forms of discrimination. Keep in mind that it is a long distance trip, so we will be sailing a lot, probably overnight.
    We would be very happy if you could organise a journey to and from the island that doesn’t involve a flight. Stralsund is easy to get to by train and there are ferries to Latvia.
 The cost including food for adults is between 610-930€ according to self-assessment, children up to 15 years pay 50%.
    You can register here: raupe[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Jürgen and Raupe

    Energy transition and system neck

    A tack is usually faster than a jibe. But perhaps – depending on which way the wind is blowing – you won’t reach your destination without a jibe? How is the energy transition going? Do we also need the system jibe? Or is it all happening on the side anyway? Is it even possible to do one without the other? And who is actually taking care of it? There will be an exchange on board. And of course: beautiful sailing and the finest Danish South Seas. No previous knowledge necessary, just a desire for people, sailing and the topic.

    Interested? More information is available at frauke[ät]lovis[dot]de


    We want to prepair the ship for a great season. Before the sailing can start again, the winter-building-stuff has to be removed and sailing-stuff needs to get on board. Therefore we need many helping hands who would like to help giving Lovis a good start into the season and we would be happy to see you there!
    To participate get in touch with jannis[ät]lovis[dot]deWe want to prepair the ship for a great season. Before the sailing can start again, the winter-building-stuff has to be removed and sailing-stuff needs to get on board. Therefore we need many helping hands who would like to help giving Lovis a good start into the season and we would be happy to see you there!
    To participate get in touch with jannis[ät]lovis[dot]de