There is a book titled, “First You Have to Row a Little Boat” by Richard Bode.
    However, we instantly wanted a big one!

    Lovis, built in 1897 as a steamship, was acquired by a group of young people that specially established an association called BÖE e.V. in 1998 to operate the ship.

    More than fife years, the group worked on a concept for operating a ship and was looking for a vessel that could correspond to the historical context, “freight lugger”. As no vessel of this type was available anymore, they finally decided on a replica.

    In 1997 the research led to sailing ships that have been built by the “Lühring Shipyard”. At the same time the hull of Lovis was discovered. They then found out that it met the original dimensions of the Cargo Luggers of Wilhelm Lühring. In the implementation, the group has been guided by parallels in the proven history of both ships. This characterizes the appearance and the seafaring atmosphere on Lovis until today.