The heart of Lovis is quite white. In the salon, where we eat, learn, speak, sing and play, there are shining white walls. However, at the beginning of each trip! At the end flyers, posters, lists and images decorate the walls.

    What Lovis means, emerges every week afresh when a group endeavors the ship.

    Lovis is the place where we — the operators — realize our ideas. Every year we organize many trips and offer a lot of seminars. On the other hand, Lovis is a place that we make available for groups so that they can implement their own ideas.

    The ship is a place to think about society and how to shape it. We want to encourage people to get involved. In exchanges with other groups and initiatives a mixture of very different journeys and forms of action has arisen in recent years. The ship attracts people who want to get things moving: public arises.

    Lovis is a social experiment chamber. Despite the narrowness of the ship individual development offers opportunities in many directions. In addition to the thematic priorities we want to bring traditional maritime close to the group, making life on the water tangible.

    The way we operate the ship, reflects the idea of the project. The crew will be in the groups, makes suggestions and tries to be a role model.