The movement of a sailing ship is influenced by wind, weather and waves – people at sea have always drawn or documented what they have seen. Inspired by this, we want to draw, paint, write and express ourselves creatively. We want to experience the connection between sailing and art for the second time on our Art Sailing Cruise 2024.
    This cruise is an opportunity to see nature from a different perspective and to develop our creative side. That is why we are happy to not only welcome people who are already creative, but also those who would like to try out creative techniques and methods for the first time. We would like to offer the opportunity to learn from each other. We are very happy if you want to share a skill.
    We will have a few materials such as pens, paper and lino printing on board. Nevertheless, we recommend that you bring your own sketchbook and pens as well as any creative tools that you would like to use or share with others. In the end, we can create a logbook that summarises our experiences at sea.
    All people are welcome. However, we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination. Bear in mind that this is a trip that involves a bit of travelling, so we may have to sail through the night.
    We would be very happy if you could organise an arrival and departure for yourself that does not include a flight. There are trains to Göteborg via Kopenhagen, so it’s also easy to departure from Copenhagen by train.
    For adults the cost contribution incl. foods is between 450-660€ according to self-evaluation, children from 6 up to 15 years pay 50% and the cost for children under the age of 5 are on a self-evaluation basis.

    You can register here: raupe[ät]lovis[dot]de

    You can find more information at

    Best regards
    Jürgen and Raupe