24.09. (18:00 Uhr) – 01.10.2017 (15:00 Uhr)
    Start- and end-harbor: Greifswald

    We want to invite you to a voyage.
    And what would be better than looking into the subject of travelling while travelling?
    We are people who ourselves travel more or less often, longer or shorter, closer or further. And we have some thoughts & questions to this buzzing aroung in our heads.
    Where do we travel and why? Does travelling simply mean freedom and holidays? Or does it also mean responsibility? What consequences can there be with travelling? Ecologically, socially? Who at all is in the position to do a voyage? And what does the ship have to do with all this? Together with you we want to ceep ourselves busy with these and your questions & thoughts around travelling.

    Start: Sunday, 24.09. from 6pm in Greifswald. End: Sunday, 1.10., 3pm in Greifswald.
    Cost contribution: 280EUR to 360EUR depending on your appraisal. If this is too expensive for you, please write us. We’ll certainly find a solution.
    If you are interested, write to sophia (at) lovis (dot) de – we would also like to hear any ideas, requests, suggestions, questions… looking forward to a topical discussion and fascinating talks with you!



    You have … an idea. There is … the baltic sea and further. We have… a sailing boat.
    13.10. (evening) – 15.10.2017
    Start- and end-harbor: Greifswald

    Dear friends of far horizons,
    the project Lovis invites you to a “contact-networking sailing trip” to northeast Germany. This is a chance to get to know the traditional sailing ship “Lovis” with an interesting history. A nice atmosphere on board is bringing people together and giving them room for a joined experience of exchanging and learning – depending on people and topics.
    These days you will get a “feeling” for Lovis – how it works on a sailing ship. You can make plans for future sailing projects with us, we can exchange our experiences and more.
    The trip starts on Friday, 13.10.2017 at 6 pm on the ship in the harbor of Greifswald and ends on Sunday 15.10.2017 evening in Greifswald.
    Food will be vegetarian and vegan and we share the costs.
    Lets sail together!
    If you want to sail with us or you have any questions, then please contact: liesbeth (at)
    Ahoi and most warmly invited to join this trip – see you soon!



    The costs include the hole use of the ship, payments for harbors and meals.

    Prior knowledge is not needed.