“Coasts in solidarity – Open borders, open eyes”

    This summer Lovis is sailing from Hamburg to the international marine festival in Brest and Douarnenez (Bretagne/France). We want to use this journey through the north sea and the channel to protest for a solidary europe together with activists from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France – against racism, the criminalisation of fleeing and migration and the loss of humanity. The campaign’s title is “Coasts in Solidarity”, with which we are currently networking with plenty of people and groups along the route. We are thrilled by the many ideas for action and events, offers for support and initiatives that rise in different places.

    Our campagne starts at the weekend 29.05. – 01.06.2020 in Hamburg. Throughout this whit weekend the ship is going to be a place among many other places in the city that gives room for the campaing-topics. These are extended by the topics “solidarity city” and “colonial history Hamburg”. We want to network, get into discussions and become active together. Save the date and come join us!

    Following this we are sailing with different groups and various stops to Brest, where we join the maritime festival from 10th to 16th July. After a side trip to Douarnenez in the beginning of August we go on the way back to Germany.

    Antiracist-campaign in summer 2020

    In summer 2020 Lovis is going to sail from Hamburg (Germany) to Brest and Douarnenez (France). Together with many activists from the Channel’s coasts in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France, we want to run an antiracist-campaign-tour to protest against the criminalization of migration and the loss of humanitarianism.

    Kick-off will be in Hamburg in the beginning of June 2020. In the following six weeks we will sail with different groups with the aim to join the maritime festivals in Brest and Douarnenez in the middle to the end of july. Afterwards, Lovis will return to the Baltic-Sea until the end of august.

    During the trip (especially on the way from Hamburg to Brest), the ship shall be used for many different actions in the harbours, e.g. theatres, cinema-on-sail, concerts, discussions or demonstrations. That depends on you and your ideas!

    If you…

    • …are interested in the project,
    • …want to sail with your group two or three weeks during the campaign,
    • …are involved in a local struggle we can support with the campaign,
    • …also want to go to Bretagne with your own boat and organize a “fleet”…

    Please write an E-Mail to campaign@lovis.de (in english, french or german) and join the organization-team! You can also download the flyer with all information and spread it:

    campaign-flyer eng

    campaign-flyer de

    campaign-flyer fran