Together with you, we want to create a space for musical exchange and experimentation between musicians on the sea. In small and larger groups, you can jam, improvise, or give small concerts on board at any opportunity. In the cities we sail to, we want to use pedestrian zones and public places to make music together. In the evenings we could
    give concerts together at the harbor, e.g. with the Lovis as a stage. Nothing is necessary, everything is possible!

    Based on the experience of the previous tours, we want to use the common space more for the exchange of skills and experiences – be it musically, in terms of content, or in terms of stage presence/appearance etc.
    Already existing groups are as welcome as single musicians. Your music and instruments should be compatible to road and ship (i.e. rather mobile) and should not require major technical equipment. You should be able to play/improvise well with other musicians.

    Cost contribution: 310 to 460 € p.p. depending on self-assessment (Even 310 euros are too much for you? Please let us know in time, then it’s no problem. Then you can still come along! :-))

    If you feel addressed, write us a few lines about you and your music to Musik[ät]lovis[dot]de