• How to set sails?
    • How much horsepower has our engine?
    • How long does it take to get to Denmark?

    On Lovis there is a lot to discover during a school trip. Many questions emerge. We, the Lovis crew, plan and arrange your journey together with you and your teachers. Once the ship is sailing and the bow wave are roaring and students climb into the jib-net, a lot of questions appear:

    How do you manage to live without TV and Internet?  What does the captain do all day long?  Who belongs to the Lovis project?  Why are you doing this? We would like to live with you as a school class on the ship for a brief moment.

    While you are on board, we do everything together. Set sail, aproch the harbour, drop anchor, navigate through the Danish Southern Sea. You keep the course, sail manovers and cook our meals. At the end you may have also found an answer as to why we do it.

    A trip on a sailing ship weldeds together. At the end you can hopefully answer these questions: How to cope with so many people in such a small place? How does the team spirit in your class work?

    But we are not only sailing. You can make seminars with us. On topics such as Baltic ecology, piracy, history of the Baltic region, the theater on the ship, maritime or Fair Trade.

    Now we are interested in only one question:

    Are you coming along?

    Suitable for classes from 9th grade onwards.