Every now and then we are asked “Who owns Lovis?”
    An Association. So we could actually say: us.

    We are about 30 people between 20 and 50, operating a ship. We make decisions together. We argue a lot, but without losing the appreciation for each other. And: We share not only decisions but also the responsibility. For the safety of the ship. The thematic focus and the economics of our project.

    For this to work, responsibilities need to be constantly redistributed. Skipper, boatswain, electrical freak seminar teamers: roles and hierarchies are changeable, responsibility is not transferred, but taken over by those who want to.

    Grindig the mast for the 10th time can be very tiring. But a lot of energy originates in the dynamics of the group. It depends on the people and their interests in what direction we move the ship next. What unites us is the basic concept of the vessel.

    If you look at it this way, at the end the ship perhaps belongs most likely to our idea.