Contribute, be involved

    Almost always something has to be done and improved on Lovis.
    There is much to do. For a lot of hands!

    Anyone who would like to contribute is cordially welcome. No previous experience in shipbuilding is required.

    Regularly re-curring work such as maintenance and painting of all wooden parts, including the masts and the whole steel parts have to be done. Annually also the hull must be renovated in a shipyard. Likewise in interior design and furnishing many brilliant ideas and working hours are yet to be invested.

    The winter is the best time to learn to know each other thoroughly – exciting project work, independently or with our team awaits you!

    Over the winter months most of the time our ship is moored in Greifswald located at the shipyard museum. There are several weeks reserved for building, where we welcome you to help us. Of cause rooms and board are free.

    Use the free space:
    Lovis was primarily built for youth groups; School classes; ecologically, socially, and politically and pedagogical active initiatives. On board everyone is welcome who would like to enrich the project with other ideas.

    Personal initiative is needed.
    One of the goals of Lovis lies in using the shipas an offer to strengthen the motivation for social and environmental responsibility and intervention. Another goal is simply to provide something outside the social mainstream. You might want to make your own travel or project ideas together with other people onboard. The framework is in place. To fill it, it depends on the personal initiative of each individual.

    Any person or group may decide how intensely they want to be involved in the various areas of the Lovis project. Besides participating in a sailing trip, there is the possibility to remain active with the project. Or even to go one step further and work on own ideas in the project and become a member. This said it can either be done from a more nautical interest as well as from an educational or project-work basis. After all this could be an opportunity to your social and environmental work bejond your time of school and university education.

    The “Lovis” is a non-profit project. Apart from the collection of the expenses for the sailing trips as such, all other services are provided by volunteers.