You´re working with children, teens or adults – in nature or outdoors? You want to test your favorite group games on board or onshore? You´re looking forward to meeting new people and to share ideas and experiences with them? You want to sail on the Baltic Sea and wait where the wind is taking us? You want to learn more about sailing and navigating? And you feel like dealing with the biotope of the Baltic Sea, learning how to use a map and compass, building a cabin out of foliage and making fire without
    matchsticks? Then you are in the right place! This sailing trip is meant to be a space to exchange ideas, to network, to try out new methods of the nature- and experiential education and to create new creative methods and cooperations, as it has been in the last years, too. This sailing trip profits from your ideas and requests, that we are going to gather in advance, so that we can form a great programm together.

    The cost contribution (includes food, harbour fee etc.) varies between 280EUR and 420EUR -depending on your appraisal. Children from 6 year old pay 50%, younger children depending on your apprisal. If this is too expensive for you, please write us. We´ll certainly find a solution.

    If you´re interested, have questions or ideas please write to: friedel@lovis.de


    To all musicians and people, who like making music, no matter which instrument, voice, or which style you prefer…! Make music and sail the Baltic Sea with strong winds in our sails. We want to offer a space for musical exchange and experiments for both bands and individual musicians on the open sea. Smaller and bigger groups can jam together, improvise or give a concert on the ship or onshore. There are lots of small port towns where we can make music everywhere -may it be a pedestrian zone or the harbour itself, individually or in groups. In the evening we can fill bars with sound or we can also use Lovis as a stage.

    Existing groups and individual musicians are all warmly welcome. Especially as an individual musician it´s important to be able to improvise together with other musicians. Your music and your instruments should fit to the ship and to the street (rather unplugged, portable and without huge technical equipment). Unfortunately the ship has no piano, but it offers enough space even for bigger instruments like a double-bass.

    The cost contribution (includes food, harbour fee etc.) varies between 280EUR and 420EUR -depending on your appraisal.

    If you are interested please write us a few lines about you and your music to: theo@lovis.de

    (DE) Skills n‘ Skippern

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German.


    Do you like sailing, making music, singing and dancing? Then come with us!
    During the days we want to sail and make music, in the evenings there is a lot of space in the harbours to dance. There could be a salsa workshop, or french dances to live music, or improvised dancing. So much is possible.
    You are very welcome to bring your instruments.
    We start at Dieppe (France) and sail along the channel to Scheveningen
    (Netherlands). There is no previous experience needed.

    The cost contribution for the 8 days varies between 320 and 480 EUR – depending on your appraisal.
    For questions and sign up please write to silke@lovis.de


    We are going on a FLT*I sailing trip on Lovis this year again. Let’s see where the wind takes us this time :)
    No previous sailing experience is necessary, because you will be able to learn the essentials on the cruise. The total costs for the trip – including meals – varie between 280 to 420 EUR depending on your appraisal.

    We invite all persons who feel comfortable with being part of a “women*lesbian*trans sailing trip” and who are respectful towards other identities. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

    The trip is self-organized. That means that together we can organize cooking and cleaning. Your are also invited to fill the trip with content. From guitar or kickboxing gloves to your favorite movie, you can bring everything and bring it all in.

    If you are interested, please write to: flti@lovis.de




    También este año haremos un viaje en velero FLT*I en el Lovis. Una semana (llegada el 03.05.2020 a partir de las 18.00 y salida el 10.05.2020 a partir de las 14.00) Planeamos comenzar y regresar en Kappeln. Veamos a dónde nos lleva el viento esta vez :)

    No es necesario tener experiencia previa en navegación, porque aprenderás todo lo que necesitas en el viaje. Los costes totales del viaje con comida y bebida son de 280,00 a 420,00 según la autoevaluación.

    Todas las personas que se sientan invitadas por un viaje en barco de MujeresLesbianasTrans*Inter y que traten otras identidades con respeto están invitadas a este viaje. Queremos que todos se sientan cómodos.

    El viaje es auto-organizado. Eso significa que organizamos la cocina y la limpieza juntos. Todos están también invitados a enriquecer el viaje en términos de contenido. Desde la guitarra a los guantes de kickboxing y a tu película favorita, puedes llevar todo contigo.



    Ohé !

    Cette année encore, nous ferons un voyage en voilier FLT*I sur le Lovis. Une semaine (arrivée le 03.05.2020 à partir de 18h00 et départ le 10.05.2020 à partir de 14h00) Il est prévu de commencer et de revenir à Kappeln. Voyons où le vent nous portera cette fois :)

    Une expérience préalable de la navigation n’est pas nécessaire, car vous apprendrez tout ce dont vous avez besoin au cours du voyage. Le coût total du voyage avec la nourriture est de 280,00€ à 420,00€ selon l’auto-évaluation.

    Toutes les personnes qui se sentent invitées par un voyage en bateau de FemmesLesbiennesTrans*Inter et qui traitent les autres identités avec respect sont invitées à ce voyage. Nous voulons que tout le monde se sente à l’aise.

    Le voyage est auto-organisé. Cela signifie que nous organisons la cuisine et le nettoyage ensemble. Tous sont également invités à enrichir le voyage en termes de contenu. De la guitare aux gants de kickboxing en passant par votre film préféré, vous pouvez tout emporter avec vous.


    We want to prepare the ship for a great season. Before the sailing can start again, the winter-building-stuff has to be removed and sailing-stuff needs to get on board. Therefore we need many helping hands who would like to help giving Lovis a good start into the season and we would be happy to see you there!
    To participate get in touch with lara@lovis.de

    Rust’n’Roll IV

    Last round of removing rust and finishing the painting. In the end we will remove the winter roof together.
    Write to martin@lovis.de

    General Building Week

    There’s a good opportunity to getting to know LOVIS from the winter-side. We want to get active together and do as much as possible. More practically we’re mostly talking about taking care of the masts but also everything else that remains to be done.
    So everybody who’s into a long weekend of building, please write Friedel – friedel@lovis.de
    We are looking forward to spending joyfull moments together on the ship,
    Gesche and Friedel


    Rust’n’Roll III

    We want to assemble the roof for the winter, remove rust, clean, paint, and fight corrosion! Arm yourself with working clothes and get started. But please get in touch with martin@lovis.de before.