Rust I

    Dear friends of Lovis

    Here comes an invitation for the first construction-week, with and on Lovis this winter. You are warmly invited to be there with active support in our reconstruction weeks to make Lovis fit for the next season.

    In the first week of reconstruction, we will primarily take care of the steel and remove rust with rusthammer, tercoo disc and sandpaper and then preserve the steel with fresh color.

    Previous knowledge is not required. We give you a briefing in the different variants of rust and how to only recognize it with your fingertips, which tools are the best when and where and how they work at all.

    You bring for yourself: a bed sheet, a sleeping bag and warm clothes for work.

    We offer: the opportunity to learn a lot, eat delicious food, game evenings, a warm bunk and construction site romance.

    Questions and registration: jesper[ät]lovis[dot]de