We want to prepair the ship for a great season. Before the sailing can start again, the winter-building-stuff has to be removed and sailing-stuff needs to get on board.

    Questions and registration to: martin[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Rust and paint – finishing the coat

    This week we would invite you to make Lovis spiffy again! There is no place on the ship that sea water and air can’t turn into a a wonderful new rusty corner. Therefore, you are invited to put a stop to the corrosion with sweat and dexterity, and to give the ship a shiny seasonal coat of fresh new paint. We will try to finish the last works on the steel and reduce the optical defects, to start with a flawless beauty to new adventures.

    We invite you to working together from 26.02. to 06.03. for a few days on board to live, to laugh, to feast and also to make ourselves comfortable and cozy.

    Questions and registration to: denise[ät]lovis[dot]de

    We are looking forward to seeing you!
    Lars and Denise

    Rig building week II

    This week we will continue to take care of the wooden parts: masts, gaffs, spars, booms, blocks and nails are looking forward to our care. Intermediate sanding and painting will be our main tasks here.

    In addition, we will take care of replacing lines and turn over pairs of wire ropes in the masts.

    If you would like to be there, please contact ole[ät]lovis[dot]de

    Rust & Rigging

    This week we will do something good for both the wood and the steel on board. Using a rust hammer, Tercoo disk and sandpaper, we will remove the rust on the deck and then preserve the steel with fresh paint. We also want to take care of the wood: masts, gaffs, spars, booms, blocks and nails welcome our attention with sandpaper and brushes.

    Of course, we’ll make ourselves comfortable on board.
    We look forward to your support!

    Questions and registration to: lars-r[ät]lovis[dot]de