Set sail and other sailing maneuvers are accomplished by the group that joins us, but there is always well trained crew arround that can help and advise.

    The people of Lovis is a bunch of sailing and sea enthusiasts who actively participate in the project. A motley crew of former boatswains, students, freelancers and craftsman. Common to all is that they can never let go of the ship and the life on board of it.

    In addition to the Skipper, there is Boatswain on board, who lives the entire season on board. All crew members are contact persons for the groups when it comes to wind, weather, navigation, sailing questions or keeping the course, but also in the everyday matters of life on board.

    (On our long hauls, such as Scotland or around Baltic Sea, we sail in a watch system. Doing so allows crew members to have a different watch schedule each day). During watches a group of people takes over the responsibility for the ship.