Smash the Endo-Cistem Trip

    We start this year for the first time a Smash the Cistem trip.
    This means that everyone who identifies as agender, non-binary, trans* or inter* and is respectful of other identities is invited to this cruise. We want everyone to be able to feel comfortable. The crew members, however, will be FLINTA*. The crew’s job is to guide the sailing and answer questions, while we fellow sailors take over the ship and decide together what we feel like doing.

    No previous sailing experience is required, as you will learn everything you need to know during the trip. The total cost of the trip including food will be from 310-460€ according to your own estimation. If you cannot afford the 310€, please contact us.

    The trip is self-organized. That means that we organize cooking, sailing and cleaning together. We want to network, chill, have fun and share knowledge during the trip. So, if you like to bring e.g. a guitar, books to read together, an exciting movie, things to work on creatively or a great workshop concept we would be very happy! There is already a guitar and many board games on board.

    There will be a maximum of 33 people participating. We will sleep in 2, 4 and 8 bed cabins.
    The food will be vegan. If you need something else to eat or have intolerances/allergies, please let us know.

    We ask you to take a Corona quick test on the day of arrival. There will be the possibility to test yourself during the trip as well and we will inform you in detail beforehand.

    If you have any questions, uncertainties or wishes, please feel free to ask.

    We are looking forward to you.
    Registration at smash-the-cistem[ät]lovis[dot]de