Through rough seas

    Through rough seas- Engagement in times of complex crises.
    Climate crisis, armed conflicts and wars, pandemic consequences at various levels: at present it is difficult not to lose hope for improvement, an end of the conflicts and peaceful coexistence on the planet. How do we manage to remain capable of action in the face of the current situation? What gives us hope and how can we strengthen our self-efficacy?
    On the 3-country-trip from 8.7.-18.7.2023, (arrival the evening before) which will take us from Liepaja (Latvia) via Estonia to Turku (Finland), we will do a lot of sailing, see and visit beautiful landscapes and islands, and have time to discuss and try out in practice issues, emotions and helpful strategies. People of all ages are welcome, however it is a trip that involves a lot of distance so we will be doing a lot of sailing, some of it overnight.
    We would be very happy if you could organise a journey that does not involve a flight. There are ferries to both, Latvia and Finland and maybe we can support you with some advices?
    Cost contribution incl. meals for adults is between 480-720€ according to self-assessment, children up to 15 years pay 50%

    Corinna and Stefan