As the name suggests, we want to sail with several generations: parents with their parents, aunts with their nieces, siblings with their children or people who want to come on board on their own and enjoy sailing together and intergenerational exchange. we would like to discuss, sail, tell stories, play games, walk along beaches, listen to the wind and have a wonderful time together aboard.

    The cost contribution for the trip is 310-460 EUR according to your own assessment, children come for 50% of the cost contribution (6-15 years, younger children according to self-assesment).
    We would be very happy if you could organise a journey that does not involve a flight.

    Concerning the contents we want to deal with the following topic: “1968 till now – emancipation, environmental movement, peace movement and now letzte Generation? Split into young and old? were are we ourselves in this? do we hope or do we give up? what do we do and what don’t we do?” all ideas and thoughts are welcome.

    Please send your registrations to stefan[ät]lovis[dot]de
    We are looking forward to an exciting trip with you!