To all musicians and people, who like making music, no matter which instrument, voice, or which style you prefer…! Make music and sail the Baltic Sea with strong winds in our sails. We want to offer a space for musical exchange and experiments for both bands and individual musicians on the open sea. Smaller and bigger groups can jam together, improvise or give a concert on the ship or onshore. There are lots of small port towns where we can make music everywhere -may it be a pedestrian zone or the harbour itself, individually or in groups. We can also use Lovis as a stage.

    After the experience of the previous trips we would like to use the common space more and more for the exchange of skills and experiences – be it musically, in terms of content, or in terms of stage presence/performance etc.

    In addition to the musical activities, sailing also has its place. Everyone joins in! On the journey through the Kattegatt between Denmark and Sweden, the sails are set and hoisted together with the ship’s crew, the ship is cleaned, the cooking is done and all the necessary tasks are carried out together.

    Existing groups and individual musicians are all warmly welcome. Especially as an individual musician it´s important to be able to improvise together
    with other musicians. Your music and your instruments should fit to the ship and to the street (rather unplugged, portable and without huge technical equipment). Unfortunately the ship has no piano, but it offers enough space even for bigger instruments like a double-bass.

    The cost contribution (includes food, harbour fee etc.) varies between 280 EUR and 420 EUR -depending on your appraisal.

    If you are interested please write us a few lines about you and your music to: