You´re working with children, teens or adults – in nature or outdoors? You want to test your favorite group games on board or onshore? You´re looking forward to meeting new people and to share ideas and experiences with them? You want to sail on the Baltic Sea and wait where the wind is taking us? You want to learn more about sailing and navigating? And you feel like dealing with the biotope of the Baltic Sea, learning how to use a map and compass, building a cabin out of foliage and making fire without
    matchsticks? Then you are in the right place! This sailing trip is meant to be a space to exchange ideas, to network, to try out new methods of the nature- and experiential education and to create new creative methods and cooperations, as it has been in the last years, too. This sailing trip profits from your ideas and requests, that we are going to gather in advance, so that we can form a great programm together.

    The cost contribution (includes food, harbour fee etc.) varies between 280EUR and 420EUR -depending on your appraisal. Children from 6 year old pay 50%, younger children depending on your apprisal. If this is too expensive for you, please write us. We´ll certainly find a solution.

    If you´re interested, have questions or ideas please write to: friedel@lovis.de