Care Revolution Sailing Trip

    Care work is everywhere: if at home, in institutions like hospitals, nursing homes or schools. We always do care work, when we care for others, our direct sources of life or ourselves. Nevertheless in our society this work is understated and often low-payed – we want to change that! You already deal with care – politically, as a job and/or personally- or you are already active in the Care Revolution network? Come to the Care Revolution Sailing trip! We will spend 5 days together on the ship, where we want to get into a dialogue about the topics we work on at the moment, what happens in the regional groups of the network and we want to network with each other, maybe to start new projects. Enjoying the sailing, wind and weather and personal exchange will of course have enough space as well.

    During the trip we want to focus on 3 levels of care:

    1. regional – care and Care Revolution where you live, everyday life, regional groups and organisation.
    2. transregional – presentation and discussion on the planned campaign of the Care Revolution Network.
    3. global – understanding care in terms of global economic relations and migration.

    There will also be room for your own questions, topics and methods.

    The cost contribution for this trip varies between 180 and 260 EUR, you can choose the amount you pay, regarding your financial means. This includes the hole use of the ship and meals (eco and vegan). Costs for arrival and departure to Kappeln are not included. Your participation should not depend on the money – if you are not able to pay the minimum contribution, you are very welcome to text me, so that we can find a solution. We will organise childcare on-site and collective.

    If you are interested, please write to: – we are looking forward to the trip!