“Coasts in solidarity – Open borders, open eyes”

    This summer Lovis is sailing from Hamburg to the international marine festival in Brest and Douarnenez (Bretagne/France). We want to use this journey through the north sea and the channel to protest for a solidary europe together with activists from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France – against racism, the criminalisation of fleeing and migration and the loss of humanity. The campaign’s title is “Coasts in Solidarity”, with which we are currently networking with plenty of people and groups along the route. We are thrilled by the many ideas for action and events, offers for support and initiatives that rise in different places.

    Our campagne starts at the weekend 29.05. – 01.06.2020 in Hamburg. Throughout this whit weekend the ship is going to be a place among many other places in the city that gives room for the campaing-topics. These are extended by the topics “solidarity city” and “colonial history Hamburg”. We want to network, get into discussions and become active together. Save the date and come join us!

    Following this we are sailing with different groups and various stops to Brest, where we join the maritime festival from 10th to 16th July. After a side trip to Douarnenez in the beginning of August we go on the way back to Germany.

    Antiracist-campaign in summer 2020

    In summer 2020 Lovis is going to sail from Hamburg (Germany) to Brest and Douarnenez (France). Together with many activists from the Channel’s coasts in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France, we want to run an antiracist-campaign-tour to protest against the criminalization of migration and the loss of humanitarianism.

    Kick-off will be in Hamburg in the beginning of June 2020. In the following six weeks we will sail with different groups with the aim to join the maritime festivals in Brest and Douarnenez in the middle to the end of july. Afterwards, Lovis will return to the Baltic-Sea until the end of august.

    During the trip (especially on the way from Hamburg to Brest), the ship shall be used for many different actions in the harbours, e.g. theatres, cinema-on-sail, concerts, discussions or demonstrations. That depends on you and your ideas!

    If you…

    • …are interested in the project,
    • …want to sail with your group two or three weeks during the campaign,
    • …are involved in a local struggle we can support with the campaign,
    • …also want to go to Bretagne with your own boat and organize a “fleet”…

    Please write an E-Mail to campaign@lovis.de (in english, french or german) and join the organization-team! You can also download the flyer with all information and spread it:

    campaign-flyer eng

    campaign-flyer de

    campaign-flyer fran

    Turning the Tide – Streaming for climate justice – on HAWILA and LOVIS

    Hej people, 
    there are free places on our Sailing-Trip "Turning the Tide - Streaming for
    Climate Justice" on the sailing vessels LOVIS and HAWILA. 
    “Turning the Tide – Streaming for Climate Justice” will again be the motto
    of our second cruise, that will take place in early September 2019. Onboard of 
    the two traditional sailing vessels LOVIS (https://lovis.de/en/) and HAWILA 
    (https://www.hawilaproject.org/) we will learn a lot about sailing and travel
    in an environmentally friendly way from Lübeck via Århus and Copenhagen to 
    Malmö from the 31st of August until the 14th of September. 
    Our aim is to spend this educational and action-loaded trip dealing with the 
    demand for climate justice in workshops, talks and various forms of artwork. 
    At our destinations we will creatively draw attention to the opportunities of
    a socially,economically and ecologically sustainable way of life in cooperation
    with local groups. 
    We invite you to contribute to the program and to bring your ideas, interests, 
    questions and skills. 
    Now it is the time to sign up: if you want to participate in the sailing trip,
    please fill out our application formula and send it to us as soon as possible.
    We would be happy to learn from the experience and knowledge each one of the 
    participants has. Therefore, we kindly ask you as a participation condition to 
    prepare a workshop about a topic you are experienced or interested in before
    hand. We envision a culture of awareness and respect during the trip and expect 
    all participants to follow this vision. 
    Please sign up with this link:
    You have questions? 
    Don't hesitate to write an email to TurningTheTide@posteo.de  
    See you on the ship Your Turning the Tide-Crew 
    You can also join our events during the trip: 
    *31st August 2019* - *Lübeck* - (afternoon) Action in the city and (night) 
    bicycle-cinema on sails 
    *1st September 2019 - Lübeck* - Leaving and one-day sailing trip to Neustadt
    together with other ships
    *7th September 2019 - Århus* - Action and possibilty to crew-change 
    *11-12th September 2019 -*Copenhagen * Sailing ships dancing in the 
    Copenhagen harbour and dinner with international climate activists.  
    *11th September, Copenhagen Harbor, 6.30-8 pm* The activist sailing ships 
    Hawila and Lovis will sail a 'dance of ships' in the Copenhagen Harbor, between
    Langelinie, Little Mermaid and Refhaleøen, reminding us that our climate and 
    planet can not wait, that we want to be part of change, now.   
    *12th September*, *Magneten, Refshaleøen, 12 am-12pm* Meet each other at 
    Magneten,join the crews of Hawila and Lovis, visit the ships and meet local
    citizens, international activists and artists. Encounter and share new ideas, 
    make new friends, inspiration and network.  
    *From 12 noon to midnight*, there will be open talks, workshops, music, dance
    and art, free, everyone is welcome. *At 7pm we serve a communal dinner* from 
    rescued food, in collaboration with Copenhagen Foodsharing. If you like to 
    present your idea, your project or something else relevant to dealing with 
    climate change and climate justice, please contact us inadvance  (-: 
    With love, the crews of Lovis, Hawila and your Copenhagen activists
    **- 13-14th September 2019  - Malmö **- Final Action and leaving the ships 
    You have questions? 
    Don't hesitate to write an email to TurningTheTide@posteo.de

    This was Beyond Borders

    28 young people from four European countries met shortly before the European elections on board of “Lovis” and in the ports of Malmö, Szczecin and Rostock with politicians and young and old people from civil society, who enjoyed and cursed the joy and effort of sailing and who finally left the ship with a laughing and a crying eye – that was Beyond Borders. The focus was on women’s rights in Poland and the EU, on climate change and climate activism and the question of a European identity, both on water and on land.

    The result is a short reportage from Juni Media/ MV1, which gives you an insight into our project and which you can have a look at here: Cast off! A big thank you to all who have filled this project with their ideas, time and strength!

    Beyond Borders – Europe of Youth

    On 26th May 2019 the European elections will take place!

    What do young people expect from it? How do they envisage an open and sustainable Europe?

    28 young people from Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Poland are sailing on board of “Lovis” along the German, Swedish and Polish Baltic Sea coasts at the beginning of May 2019 – looking for answers! On board we develop future ideas and demands for a youth-friendly Europe. We invite you to get in touch with us: at 3 inspiring events, on 3 themes in 3 port cities!

    Malmö, 11th May: Climate change

    15:00 Welcome with coffee and sweets from Rude Food
    16:00 Film screening “Beyond the red lines” by Cinema Politica Malmö
    18:00 Discussion round on the topic “Climate – change – activism – politics” with politicians of the left and Greens from Sweden (requested), activists of #fridaysforfuture Malmö (requested) as well as of Pan African Movement (requested)
    19:30 Open dinner on the pier in front of the University of Malmö, delivered by Yalla Trappan

    *The event will take place in one of the rooms of the university building “Niagara” at Nordenskiöldsgatan 1 in Malmö. The exact location will be announced soon.

    Szczecin, 15th May: Human rights

    15:00 – 18:00 Open ship (Nabrzeże Starówka, Szczecin)

    16:00 Market of possibilities with photo exhibition on the topic “Human rights”, an interactive art wall as well as a role game to the topic of “human rights”
    19:00 Barbecue in front of “Lovis”

    *The event will take place at Skwer Kapiatnów, Tadeusza Wendy 10c, Szczecin.

    Rostock, 20 May: European identity?!

    17:00 Welcome
    17:15 Presentation of the photo project “Human Rights”
    17:30 Fish Bowl discussion with young people from the Beyond Borders project, Helmut Scholz (DIE LINKE), Niklas Nienaß (Grüne Jugend MV) and experts for Europe from the Ministry of the Interior and Europe M-V – and you!
    19:00 Solidary kitchen
    20:00 Concert with Lappalie
    *The event takes place in the circus tent of circus”Fantasia” (Warnowufer 55, Rostock).

    Further information can be found at instagram under _beyondborders!